Little monsters want to save the world
Not only humans, but also monsters, have to take care of the environment. And similar to humans, there are those well-behaved ones who sort their garbage, save water, and use green electricity. And there are also the litterbugs, which, for example, puff smelly exhaust fumes into the air. This is how the app playfully introduces children to the concept of environmental protection.
First sketches of a "standard"-Schnups

First sketches of a 'standard'-Schnups

The characters
There is a responsible Schnups for each area: for example, a Water-Schnups (with a diving bell), a Soil-Schnups (the big guy with the big hands for digging), and an Air-Schnups (with little wings on the head and the fluffy, cloudlike body).
Character design:  ten members of the Schnups-family
The Schnups-family: ten different monsters
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