This project is a visual concept that underlines the storyline as well as a high-quality, hand-drawn design for an interactive children's book app for Atnovus, Switzerland. In addition, all characters had to be ready for animation.
Character design: Matylda and her chicken-hearted monster

Character Design: Matylda and her cute, little monster

The "cuteness factor"
The story tells of how Matylda, a brave little girl, and the chicken-hearted monster from the closet became friends. The characters are intended to be cute, lovable, and suitable for children: the classical scheme of childlike characteristics with big, round heads and big eyes.
The look seems slightly exaggerated and has a picturesque,analog drawn appearance. The colors are chosen bright and vivid.
Concept art: Matylda falls asleep peacefully

Concept art: Matylda falls asleep peacefully

Pen & Paper, Adobe Photoshop on a Wacom Cintiq
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