I don’t like your SUV. Really, no kidding.

If you live in the wilderness somewhere on top of a mountain, an SUV is great. If it’s your daily dedication to transport pianos, elephants, or wrecking balls, an SUV is useful for sure.
But if you live in the middle of civilisation your SUV is annoying. It’s too big for our roads, too wide for most parking spots, and it’s loud and smelly. You don’t need an off-road vehicle to bring your kid to school or to get to the bakery. It just makes no sense.

That’s why I don’t like your SUV and that's what I want to spread to the entire world:
Don't buy and drive SUVs unless you live on top of a mountian or have an elephant!

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#4 Pretzel aka Laugenhubert doesn't like your SUV.
The pretzel doesn't like your SUV
This is Laugenhubert (a typical Bavarian pretzel).
Laugenhubert likes prosecco and radish.
Laugenhubert doesn't like SUVs.
Laugenhubert is
+++++++ smart.
Be like Laugenhubert.
#3 Grumpy cloud doesn't like you SUV.
The grumpy cloud doesn't like your SUV
Hey, it's a grumpy cloud. It doesn't like anything or anybody.  But it especially doesn't like your SUV.
#2 The earth doesn't like your SUV.
The earth doesn't like your SUV
Well in fact, the earth doesn't give a f***k. The planet will exist probably for millions of years. But if we don't start to behave like loving, caring inhabitants, we certainly will die out. Trust me, this planet is going to kill us. Look at the hateful, maniacal look in its eyes!
#1: My doggy doesn't like SUVs.
My dog doesn't like your SUV
He would prefer a big, green tree instead of your smelly SUV. But he isn't picky so it's good enough to pee on.

More illustrations as well as stickers, shirts, and buttons coming soooooooooon!
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