"Eye Candy" is a sweet, animated short about Richie, the vain Cupcake, and his friends Kevin, a mentally abused marshmallow, and Bo, the fat, lazy Donut.
The three main charakters: Richie the cupcake, Kevin the marshmallow and Bo the fat donut

The three main characters: Richie the cupcake, Kevin the marshmallow, and Bo the fat donut.

The progress of the character designs

Richie van Cake – a narcissistic, vain Cupcake
Kevin – a mentally abused marshmallow
Bo – the fat, lazy Donut
The character designs started with pen on paper scribbles and were completed as textured, rigged 3D models .
Concept art: Richie in cotton-candy-land-heaven

Concept art: Richie in cotton-candy-land-heaven

The plot:
As usual the three friends are hanging out together, when suddenly a cherry appears high above them. Richie is instantly obsessed with the sparkling, red fruit. He wants it as a bling-bling fashion accessory for his luscious whip cream, whatever the cost. But his friends refuse to help him: the little marshmallow Kevin thinks it's too dangerous and Bo generally avoids any effort. So Richie has to get the cherry on his own.
Because the cherry is hanging very high, Richie has to come up with some ideas to catch it. But suddenly... ;)

Animatic: Work in progress

Pen & Paper, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Adobe AfterEffects and Adobe Premiere

This project was a master's thesis at HS Augburg university
Concept: Elisa Gatzka, Florine Kempter; Production: Elisa Gatzka 
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